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Isilda Preparatory  Academy is an institution that prepares students to be successful as future leaders in an increasingly interconnected world. Our programs challenge students to excel academically and develop as individuals. Our students develop teamwork, critical thinking, and communication skills that allow them to distinguish themselves in higher education and in life, globally. We provide academic services which includes homeschooling, tutoring, summer programs, and university consulting services.

Students experience an interactive virtual experience in each class session, where not only can they see their instructor but speak to them as well. IPA offers three types of diplomas. Students can choose which track they will follow. The three diplomas are general, college preparatory and advance college preparatory with distinction. The general diploma is for students who are going to attend a trade school instead of college. The college preparatory, and the advance  college preparatory diplomas are for students who will attend a college or university upon graduation. Our online classes are delivered through Asynchronous and Synchronous instruction to accommodate the various learning styles as well as to optimize student learning.

To ensure student success in our virtual home school, we offer a small class setting, and a unique teacher to student ratio in all of our classes. Our students have the option of attending their virtual class sessions live, or watch the recorded sessions and log in, to complete the work.

Our virtual home school academy (IPA) is ideal for students who are pursuing careers in the entertainment industry, and have to go on various audition from time to time. Students who are being bullied in a brick and mortar setting find our academic environment pleasing, and comforting. Our recorded sessions allows student who miss classes during the regular scheduled time, to come back and watch the recorded sessions. One of the advantage of watching a recorded session is your ability to rewind the sessions as many times as it takes to understand the instruction.

Additionally, we provide tutoring in all subject areas, including languages. We provide tutoring services for Math, English, Reading, Science, SAT, IELTS and TOEFL and many other subjects. Our language division teaches Chinese, English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. Furthermore, we have tutors of all ages, and we try to fit the tutor to the student.

At IPA we take our services seriously, as we understand that tutoring is the key to success for many students, For example, students who feels confident about their math or literary skills usually feels better about themselves. When students are performing well in school they feel great about themselves, and that promotes well balanced students.

We perform an initial diagnostic evaluation to determine each student’s current level of ability and meet with you to discuss your educational needs.  We assess each student’s learning style and develop an educational plan including help with homework, study skills or test prep.  We work with each student to develop skills, improve academic progress and help organize academic course work.

After diagnostic assessments are completed, parents and students are provided with a detailed report of the test performance. Together, we agree upon an educational plan to establish academic goals and the time frame for reaching those goals. We recommend parents to work closely with IPA to help their child reach the achievement goals set forth.

Our program follows the State Common Core curriculum with public school students, and we work with your student’s private school curriculum as well as online curriculum programs. We will work with your child to help him or her with daily school assignments and reinforce information taught on a daily and, or weekly basis to help your child with long term retention of academic subject matter.

We offer programs to help students prepare for Standardized Testing-ITBS, AP Exams, IB Courses, SAT, ACT, Compass Exam, PSAT, SSAT, and GED. We offer programs to help students prepare for State of Georgia mandated tests-Milestone grades K-8, End of Course Tests (EOCT) and the Georgia High School Graduation Test in (Math, Science, Language Arts, Writing and Social Studies). In addition, we offer remediation programs in Math and Reading.

IPA also offer a Summer Prep Academy for students to make significant academic gains during the summer months. Summer Math Tutoring in upcoming math courses in Algebra, Trigonometry and Calculus and one-on-one tutoring which gives your child the advantage. We also offer Math and Writing Workshops and Foreign Language.

Our summer culture program is designed around intensive language lessons. Aside from learning and practicing your language choice intensively, our summer program allows the student to experience the culture first hand. For example, students studying English are invited to visit America for a week or two in the summer and spend time interacting in the stores, at the beach, movies or on university tours with native English speaking people. When taking American students overseas we provide them with a firsthand experience of what it is like to live in another country and experience life as a native of the host country.

At IPA we understand that students are faced with various challenges and sometimes they need an understanding patient person to work with them to help them make the grade. We evaluate each student individually and design an education plan to help that student reach his or her educational goals by enhancing their skills.

Our School Counselors assist students from around the world with university guidance to ensure successful university acceptance in countries like Australia, Canada, Europe, UK and USA. At IPA our goal is to evaluate each student one at a time and focus on what would be a perfect university for each student. To ensure successful admission into a university, your high school transcript, potential major, the country in which you wish to study, and the student budget are just a few of the areas we review when completing a university application.

We have provided service to many elite families and our team have unmatched expertise in the area of global education. As a result of our service many students have successfully learn another language and pass important exams. Furthermore, students from China, Korea, India and Singapore have been accepted into universities in the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom (UK).

IPA will design a language package to fit your corporation, family or school. Group packages are discounted.

Our Philosophy

At Isilda Preparatory Academy we believe that every student should be given the opportunity to achieve his or her optimal potential through education. We believe that enhancing oneself is possible through tutoring, learning Chinese, German, French, Spanish and other languages is the key to successful communication between cultures. Additionally, attending universities overseas could serve as a window of opportunity as it opens doors for students from various countries to meet and get to know each other and learn about different cultures while fostering good relations.

Our Programs

Isilda Preparatory Academy offers several programs including, Home School, Tutoring in core subjects and languages, Summer Programs and Education Consulting. All of our programs are academically sound and share core values such as integrity, expertise, and aspiration for excellence. Our programs are designed to complement each other and focus on offering ways for students to be successful in the classroom. Based on our strong belief of student success through integrated exchange, we also work on students traveling to other countries for the optimal learning experience. American students are sent overseas and foreign students from China, India, Austria and other countries are encouraged to visit America to successfully access education overseas. Our summer programs offer students from our institution the opportunity to travel overseas each summer and experience other cultures first hand. Some students get to test their language skills. Chinese, German, English, French, Italian, and Spanish are the worlds’ most popular languages. All of our programs are designed with the enhancement of student in mind.