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Home School

Isilda Preparatory Academy provides virtual home school services to students who do not wish to attend school in a traditional brick and mortar environment, and wants to complete their education from the privacy of their homes.

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Isilda Preparatory Academy provides private and semi-private tutoring online for students aiming to get an academic advantage in school, and get into better universities. You can sign up for our ACT or SAT prep classes, as well as attend tutoring for IELTS, EOC’s.

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Summer Programs

Isilda Preparatory Academy provides exciting educational summer programs for students from the United States, China, Korea, and many other countries. Our summer programs are hosted at top schools and universities where students can meet

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University Services

University consulting services are for students wishing to study at elite colleges, and universities in the US, UK, Europe, Singapore, and elsewhere. We send local student’s abroad and bring foreign students to the United States for studies. We help with your travel visa.